Is there anyway network connection downtime when installing and uninstall tailscale?


Is there anyway network connection downtime on non-tailscale IPs, and how much when

  1. installing tailscale
  2. uninstalling tailscale
  3. performing tailscale up
  4. performing tailscale down

Would it be safe to do the above on a production high traffic load balancer?
(not cause short downtime and errors)

Sites do routinely update Tailscale while in operation using “apt update; apt upgrade”. It will need to re-establish direct wireguard connections, which can result in traffic going through the DERP relays for a short time and can result in a small amount of packet loss. The network glitch is short, but not zero.

Thank you for your reply.

Will the following also result in short but non-zero network glitches on non-tailscale related IPs?
uninstalling tailscale
performing tailscale up
performing tailscale down

It will add or remove entries from iptables when tailscale is taken down, and add 100.x.y.z/32 routes for each other node on the tailnet. There is a separate iptable and routing table for tailscale using network namespaces. I wouldn’t expect an impact on the primary routing table but haven’t specifically tested.