Is it possible to relay via a node?


I have been using tailscale for a few days and i am really impressed and i am loving it! Setup is very easy.

I want to find out if its possible to route through a specific node to get to an other node?

We have pretty bad routing to AWS server with my isp. If i connect directly to my aws node i would have latency of 350ms.

So to fix this i have a VPC in a data center close to me that has better routing to AWS. And i am using it as a relay between my pc and AWS. I had to set this up manually.

My pc ==>Relay VPS = 3 ms
Relay VPS ==> AWS server 120ms

Total latency via relay VPC = 123ms
Latency directly from my PC to AWS server =350 ms

Would it be possible to use tailscale to route VIA my Relay VPS ? And use AWS as exit node?

I made a small picture to show the route.

If its possible and i mist something could you please direct me how to set that up.


I don’t know if we have a direct way to do that kind of onion style routing, but I have a few ideas I’d need to check up on. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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We have a feature we’re working on that would let you do this, follow this tracking issue for more information. Setup for this would be a bit more involved but we’ll get to there when it lands.

For context DERP is the backup relaying protocol we use when direct connections fail.

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Thank you very much for getting back to me with some information!

I will keep track of that information.

It would be great to have a little bit of control how traffic can be routed within the mesh system.

Since in a country like south Africa if you route to Europe you have two routes via west coast of africa or East coast of africa. And it can make a big difference latency wise how you route it. And cost of traffic between some nodes can be much cheaper that traffic between other nodes.

Thanks again for the great product!

Kind Regards