Ios shortcuts not working

I want to use tailscale only when I leave home. I read the article about shortcuts and made a shortcut for leaving and entering my home. I see a notification when entering and leaving the zone that the shortcut has been executed but the tailscale app does not change (if active it stays active and if stopped it stays stopped). If in the shortcuts menu I execute connect or disconnect it works as expected. On a side note do you always use the tailscale app for connection or also in the settings of the vpn the toggle?
I am using Ios 16.4 with tailscale 1.40

Hi. Any luck with this? I’m seeing the same on my iphone. Love the shortcuts idea, but if it doesn’t work…

Hi, I found out that these kind of shortcuts (location based) do not work without confirmation. So I ended up make a shortcut to start tailscale based on app i am starting (so if i start my mail I connect to tailscale and if I close mail, close tailscale)

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From a bit of reading, I agree this is a Shortcuts issue - location triggers for personal automations can’t run automatically. Go figure…

A couple of potential workarounds I’m using:

  1. Focus modes can be activated automatically by location. You can then have a second automation for Tailscale that uses focus mode as a trigger.
  2. You can use ‘WiFi join’ as an automatic trigger - could be useful for returning home.