Installation fails on Raspberry Pi 2 with OpenSUSE Leap

Hello. I’m trying to install Tailscale on a Raspberry Pi 2 with OpenSUSE Leap 15.2

I’m adding repository:

sudo zypper ar -g -r

And then I’m getting these errors:

localhost:/etc/zypp/repos.d # zypper ref
Repository 'Main Repository' is up to date.                                     
Repository 'Main Update Repository' is up to date.                              
Retrieving repository 'Tailscale stable' metadata .......................[error]
Repository 'Tailscale stable' is invalid.
[tailscale-stable|] Valid metadata not found at specified URL
 - [tailscale-stable|] Repository type can't be determined.

Please check if the URIs defined for this repository are pointing to a valid repository.
Skipping repository 'Tailscale stable' because of the above error.
Some of the repositories have not been refreshed because of an error.

Is this board supported at all?
Also I’ve noticed it tries to get armv6hl while I believe Rpi2 is amrv7hl, at least on other OSes I’m using.

Some more information might be useful here. What architecture does the kernel think it’s using? You can get this with this command:

$ uname -av

We build arm5 binaries that we label as armv7hl for some reason, it would be helpful if you could manually download the arm static binary and be sure that the tailscale binary actually runs (I see no reason why it shouldn’t, but just in case). If that ends up working we should be able to implement a workaround on our end.

Thanks for letting us know about this issue.

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Linux pie 5.3.18-lp152.66-lpae #1 SMP Tue Mar 2 13:18:19 UTC 2021 (73933a3) armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux

@within I can confirm, binary you have linked to is working fine on that system. It would be great if you could also fix Tailscale repository.