Install a Router as Tailscale Client

Hi I have installed this version GitHub - adyanth/openwrt-tailscale-enabler: Brings Tailscale to low powered OpenWRT devices (Tailscale to low powered OpenWRT devices) in my Archer C7 V5 and this work perfect when I want to comunnnicate to remote LAN and Vice versa. When I execute this command attached bellow you can see that there is no any problem. :+1:

Well When I want to add the same command with an extra option to go out to internet with the remote router I got nothing. I don’t get the link to attach this router to Tailscale network. The Command line is freeze

tailscale up --netfilter-mode=off  --advertise-routes= --accept-routes --exit-node=

I repeat Site-to-site networking is working perfect. We can ping each other.
Could someone help to fix this??

As I stated I the hosts involved in each site could ping each other :+1:. I just follow this tutorial

B <---------->A <-------------> Internet

The problem as I stated when I set the router (B) to go out the internet traffic with the its remote IP Public Address (A). The Router B is not accesible anymore from its own LAN, but I can reach to Router B from any device located in the LAN A.