Incomplete MagicDNS from within K8s pod

Hey all,

I’m having trouble accessing non-local hosts using MagicDNS on TS running inside a K8s pod.

Here’s what I did:

  1. I followed this guide to deploy the K8s sidecar sample (sidecar.yaml).
  2. I verified that from other machines I can access the sidecar pod (curl http://nginx).
  3. I created a shell in the sidecar pod and pinged myself (ping nginx). It worked, so there’s some kind of MagicDNS resolution working here.
  4. Inside the same shell, I pinged another computer in my TS network (ping k8s-controller) and got ping: bad address.
  5. Inside the same shell, I directly pinged the IP address of the other computer and it worked fine (ping

So inside my pod I appear to have network access to the rest of my TS network, but MagicDNS only works when resolving the localhost.
Any idea what’s wrong?


Tailscale 1.40.0.
K8s on K0s 1.26.3+k0s.0.

FYI I’ve cross posted to Reddit.