How to set up Tailscale to reach a DVR from a Mac host

I’m new to Tailscale and trying to decide if I can use it to solve a particular problem. I have a Mac Server with IP forwarding set that I want to use to reach a DVR with a static IP on the same network. Do I need to use a subnet relay if I only need to reach one machine? If so I see that subnet relay is not supported on the Mac. Is that true for the github version as well? If not would the next option be to setup a linux VM on the Mac or is there a simpler solution you might recommend?

If you don’t have another machine on the network that can work as a subnet router (such as a Synology NAS, linux machine, raspberry pi, etc.) then you will need a VM with a bridged network connection to be able to route the subnet.

If you only want to route to one machine, you can --advertise-routes= for instance. The /32 will only route that single ip address, rather than the whole network.

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I will do that, thank you!