How can I use an exit node and still connect to other machines?

I tried to follow this site: Exit Nodes (route all traffic) · Tailscale to get my desktop working as an exit node. And it did - but now I can’t ping any of my other Tailscale machines. I’m about to leave the country and want to be able to use both an exit node back home and use Remote Desktop to access my computer if necessary, but I can only figure out how to do one or the other.

To be clear, this was my original Access Control text, which lets me use Remote Desktop:

// Access control lists.
“acls”: [
// Match absolutely everything.
// Comment this section out if you want to define specific restrictions.
{“action”: “accept”, “users”: [““], “ports”: [”:*”]},

And when I change it to this, I lose Remote Desktop but can use the exit node:

“acls”: [
// all users can use exit nodes
{ “action”: “accept”, “src”: [“autogroup:members”], “dst”: [“autogroup:internet:*”] },

What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

I was able to use exit node and ping other nodes without changing the ACL - i.e. using the original ACL. Try the original ACL and see if it works for you.