How Can i add Some device without sharing my login email?

How Can i add Some device without sharing my login email ? can someone please guide


Use the Admin Console to generate a key (Settings → Keys → Auth Key), and then use that key to authenticate the device.

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thankyou sir now i have generated the key how do i implement this on the other device sir ? and is there any way to turn off expiuration time of 90days

It would be a good idea for you to read some of the Tailscale documentation; the method for disabling key expiration is in there :slight_smile:

What sort of ‘device’ are you trying to authorize?

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hi sir actually i want to give access to my samba share on raspberry pi to someone remotely…but also dnt wana give him my email and login password

u helped me with the key generation now just leaves is how to authorize that device that can have access

Again, it’s important to know what type of ‘device’ you are referring to. The authorization process differs between them.

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Android phone it is sir

Ahh, then a precreated key isn’t an option for authentication. As far as I’m aware the only way to authenticate an Android device is via QR code, via sharing the Tailnet’s credentials (which you don’t want to do and that’s logical), or by sharing a node with another Tailscale user (if they’ve created their own Tailscale account - Sharing your nodes with other users · Tailscale).

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Thankyou so much sir I will test this out , thankyou for all the guidance

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