Expect to add a relay server

There is no relay server in our side, or the connection performance is very poor, you can use your own server to do the relay, or use the public server to do the relay service; You all have basic functions, can you compile it and open it up? Thank you

Whether the complex network is basically the use of relay server transit, at this time the need for fast server transit

I just need the most basic services, 1) create a new relay service, 2) specify and assign a relay server for the computer

Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re asking :slight_smile:

Let users add/replace DERP servers for their network · Issue #1264 · tailscale/tailscale (github.com)

derper · pkg.go.dev

derp, cmd/derper: add rate limiting support, add default 5Mbps limit by bradfitz · Pull Request #86 · tailscale/tailscale (github.com)

You can do without this restriction