Disable interventions to iptables rules

Hi! I expect that tailscaled just create a new tun interface, new connection and add new route to system route table. But I need to keep host firewall rules untouched. Can Tailscale do that ?

OS: Ubuntu 20.04
Tailscale ver: 1.21.0

Not really, no. Tailscale mostly creates its own tables to add rules to, but does need those tables. For example, it uses iptables to make its own packets to the coordination server go via the public Internet and not go over the tailscale link, because using tailscale to operate tailscale doesn’t work very well.

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But how to manage iptables if Tailscale interferes with my rules?
I have updated my rules and run /usr/sbin/ferm /etc/ferm/ferm.conf. Tailscale rules have deleted.
Why Tailscale can’t use default gateway to route packets to the coordination server via public internet?