Sinple exit node question

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Raspberry pi buster and ubuntu 22.04

Ubuntu 22.04 roaming laptop with tailscale installed and 3 Raspberry Pies in a remote location all running tailscale, one that hosts PiHole. All see each other.

Question: I need to make the roaming laptop connect to and exit it’s web traffic through the remote raspberry pi hosting PiHole.

Should I be following the instructions for this as posted here on tailscale:

Because the instructions state: “When enabling IP forwarding, ensure your firewall is set up to deny traffic forwarding by default”.

But the instructions right above that paragraph state:
" For many distros such as Ubuntu , Debian , CentOS , RHEL , Fedora , and more, you can enable IP forwarding with these commands.

So which is it? Enable ip forwarding OR deny forwarding by default?

And raspberry pi has iptables.

I’m confused.

Thank you.