Connection to node on starlink network extremely slow


I’ve set up tailscale on a friend’s Synology NAS so I can admin it remotely. He’s using Starlink, which of course complicates things.

The connection to the NAS is extremely slow; on the order of ~400KBps (capital ‘B’ according to rsync). It always uses a DERP relay, no matter where I connect from. I know the DERP is slower, but I would have expected to be faster than this, think?

Their starlink connection outside of tailscale is consistently around 100/20 Mbps (down/up)

I followed the instructions here to create ‘/dev/net/tun’, though I think that’s unrelated (and it didn’t help):

I’m not having this performance issue between any other nodes.

Anyway, is there something I can do to get better throughput, or somehow avoid use of the relay?

Or is the problem somehow related the Synology rather than starlink?

I’ve been able to improve upon the situation a bit, but still have questions.

I was able to establish a direct connection to the Synology on starlink by forwarding a hard-coded port on my opnsense firewall, even though I already had NAT-PNP enabled. This improved performance somewhat, but it’s still a fraction of what it should be.

So my questions are:

  • Why did I have to manually forward a port to get the direct connection; why didn’t NAT-PNP do the trick? I had verified that port mappings were being dynamically created.
  • What can I do to improve performance further? This seems to be starlink-related, as throughput is plenty fast everywhere else.