MacOS DNS problems

Tailscale version 1.12.3
MacOS Big Sur 11.5.2

I’ve booted up this morning and can’t seem to access anything via tailscale, including external websites. If I untick “Use Tailscale DNS settings” I can get to the internet OK but in either case I can’t reach any of our internal systems.

Ive rebooted, logged out and back in, reset defaults and reinstalled the app but I’m still having problems

Any ideas?

In our admin panel we have override local dns settings enabled with an internal DNS server specified. The DNS server seems fine, none of my colleagues have any problems although they are all Windows users.


Would you please send me the Tailscale IP of the node from which you cannot access other nodes? Also, run Tailscale bugreport from the windows debug menu (ctrl + click on tray menu icon), go to preferences and click on bugreport.

Please send these details to, and we will look at the logs accordingly.