Auto join network

Hi I am trying to make a rescue ISO based on EndeavourOS which includes tailscale and nomachine so I an help family remotely. I am able to create the disk and it works flawlessly, But here is my use case. Now that I have this I want to be able to remotly rebuild my mothers computer. I can easily add tailscale and nomachine. The issue is getting tailscale to join my network. I created a systemd file file that I copied to /etc/systemd/system and enabled it, but when I reboot the remote computer it’s not added to my network. If anyone has advice it would be super helpful. Right now I am testing everything in a VM.
Here is the service file:

Description=Init Tailscale, disable and remove when done

ExecStart=/usr/bin/tailscale up --authkey <insert key>


got it figured out! added ExecStartPre=/usr/bin/sleep 3 to the service to give tailscaled time to come oneline

If you’ve updated to Tailscale 1.4.x, it will have systemd-notify support, Tailscale will tell systemd when it is ready as opposed to you having to do arbitrary waits. You may also want to check for the tailscaled socket existing.

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That would be great. Need to search the docs for the info and how to use it.

Based on the systemd unit you pasted, you should already be good to go with it!