Apple Silicon support?

Now that Wireguard has been updated to support Apple Silicon/arm64, I’m curious if there are plans for a new Tailscale build? And let me know if there’s a beta – happy to help test it :slight_smile:

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Should be working already. Please let us know if you’re having trouble!

Sure, the x86 build works just fine under Rosetta – I meant, when might we expect a native Tailscale build for Apple Silicon/arm64? (and mentioned Wireguard because they released theirs today) :angel: keep up the great work, huge Tailscale fan (and customer)

Yup! Most likely in the next stable version, I think. We tend to trail behind WireGuard a bit because we focus so much on stability for our enterprise customers.

Apparently the x86 emulation is so fast that people aren’t reporting any particular performance bottlenecks vs native x86, which is pretty impressive work on Apple’s part.

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Oh yeah, it’s just a “looking at Activity Monitor” thing for me :upside_down_face: pure OCD

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