1000+ queries per minute to log.tailscale.io

I’ve installed Tailscale on a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W about a week ago and all was fine until all of a sudden today it started spamming 1000+ requests a minute to log.tailscale.io (discovered when I casually checked my primary pi.hole).

I’ve stopped tailscale for now on that device and all my other tailscale devices are running fine.

Any idea what’s causing this?

tailscale bugreport output here:


Tailscale 1.20.4 on Raspberry Pi OS 64bit Bullseye (latest stable).


Can you send me back the output from these commands run as root (sudo -s) on your Pi Zero?

(list open files opened by tailscaled)
ls -l /proc/$(ps -C tailscaled -o pid=)/fd

(show limit of open files per process)
ulimit -n

(count number of open files from all processes)
lsof | wc -l

(list open sockets)
ss -tulw

you may need to apt install lsof not all distros come with it preinstalled.

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You can email that info to support@tailscale.com if you would prefer.