Websites Detecting Proxied Traffic?

I’ve been using tailscale for years and loving it and now most recently started playing around with exit nodes to prepare for an upcoming trip abroad.

When testing my exit nodes (one running on a mac mini and one on a raspberry pi), it seems like some websites (specifically and either don’t like to serve my requests at all or significantly throttle my traffic coming through the exit node.

Since the traffic is still coming from my home network I wasn’t expecting to get treated as though I was connected over a commerical VPN. Does anyone have any ideas of what these sites might be looking for that leads them to throttle exit node traffic (clearly can’t be my IP address) and how I could debug this?

Ok, this gets even stranger.

I can access certain websites, like, when I’m using the exit node. But most pages (including !) won’t let me connect, with an error message saying:

domain unexpectedly closed the connection”

Any ideas?