Using ts for multi ports with Vite + HMR + Rails

Tailscale version : 1.42.0 (App Store)
Your operating system & version : macOs Ventura

Hello :wave:,

Slightly different but we currently use ngrok and are moving to tailscale paid service. We currently use this setup using 2 x different ngrok tunnels.

In ts we are using the below setup which gives us a simple setup what we can develop shopify apps with.

ts serve https:443 /
ts funnel 443 on

What I’m looking to do is either:

  • setup 2 x domains that I can copy the ngrok setup ( ports 3001 & 3036 for Vite )
  • forward both 3001 & 3036 from the one domain.

Any ideas would be great, as currently I’m running 1 x ts tunnel and 1 x ngrok tunnel