Tailscale running on host machine, but I can't access docker containers from it

I host nginx proxy manager (in docker container using docker-compose.yml) on one server and I want to be able to proxy services that are running on second server using it. When I use ping cmd with hostnames or tailscale assigned ip addresses, servers can communicate with each other. But when I tried to proxy service using nginx proxy manager, it didn’t work, tried to provide both tailscale assigned ip address and machine hostname to forward hostname/ip on NPM, but none works. I have MagicDNS enabled.

Like for example I have some website running in container on on one server using docker, I can access it from the machine by opening browser and going to the local ip address and port.
I want to be able to access it using tailscale MagicDNS hostname or assigned ip address from the second machine (from docker container). The tailscale is running on the host machines (not in docker containers) directly on both servers.

Is it possible?