Tailscale Funnel, Multiple Apps on Diff Ports and Subdomains

Edit: This started working after a few hours - looks like DNS wasn’t registered in 10mins


I am trying to enabled TS funnel on my OMV. Basically the use case is that I am planning to have multiple apps (including tailscale) on portainer like nextcloud (say running on port xxxx), Photoprism on port yyy, etc to be accessed over the internet.

I am thinking of using duckdns subdomains like nextcloud.duckdns.org, etc to provide access to these.

I have enabled funnel and got https certificate done as well . I can access all these via TS subdomain when TS is Connected. However, when I disconnect TS, I cannot access anything. This is the status output.

DuckDNS aside - what can I do to make this work?

/ # tailscale serve status
https://[machinename].[tailnet].ts.net (Funnel on)
|-- / proxy