Peer to peer connection with one open port 41641/udp

I have several devices behind various complicated NATs. Sometimes even outbound traffic is filtered other than for 80/tcp and 443/tcp.

What I can do is to install Tailscale on aVPS and open ports that Tailscale wants, eg, 41641/udp . With this investment, will I definitely get quick peer to peer connections between all devices? That VPS is supposed to make it possible, but I am not sure.

I don’t want slow relaying to Singapore or whatever (my current situation when I use Tailscale).

To clarify, either peer to peer, or within network (not using relays; basically using my own device with open ports as relay).

We don’t currently support this kind of onion routing. However, if you do that every device will be able to connect to that server directly. This could be useful if all of your services are on that server. Otherwise the machines behind the more strict firewall will have to fall back to our relay servers.

We’ve talked about doing something like what you’ve described here, but it hasn’t been added to our roadmap yet. If you could thumbs-up that GitHub issue, it will help us plan our upcoming release cycles so we can try and get that included.