Okta support & auth

User: HI, I’d like our accounts switched to Okta please.

Note: Okta is an authentication platform.

Support: We have converted your account over to Okta. Please try signing in and confirm you go through your Okta authentication portal. If there are any issues let us know!

User: I just got this:

Not allowed to access the admin panel

Your account (lennynaser@lalahost.com) is not an admin for lalahost.com, and cannot access the admin panel.

You are allowed to connect to the lalahost.com network. To join the network, please download the app and sign in to get started.

You can also log in as another user.

Support: This is an issue on our end; a user needs to first log in using Okta to “activate” it before we can make that user an admin. We have a task filed to fix this behavior. My apologies for the inconvenience.