MacOS 10.13 Logging Issues

Tailscale version
1.34.2 (App Store)

Your operating system & version
macOS High Sierra 10.13.2

I’ve been stuck without being able to log into Tailscale from this operating system. I’ve tried the below link to thoroughly uninstall Tailscale so I can perform a fresh install, but I’m still stuck on the Log screen as shown in the screenshot attached.

It also looks like this might be related to my problem.

I noticed there was an update from a few days ago to “Fix UI glitch” for 10.13 and 10.14. I’ve updated to that and I’m still stuck with the same problem.

I’m not sure if this is important to note, but I’m using this with my other devices on a Google account with my Tailscale account being the main account. The computer with the issue has a different Google account as its main account.