Mac devices seem to "overwrite" each other

Hey hey! I recently started dabbling around with Tailscale for connecting MacOS EC2 instances on AWS to a GitLab instance on a different cloud provider.

I am downloading both the tailscale, and tailscaled binaries from Github

These instances are spawned from a custom AMI with things like Xcode pre-installed. The behavior I am seeing when bringing up instances from an AMI is quite odd.

  • Create an EC2 instance with the AMI, and run tailscale up --authkey ${authkey} once the system is up (I can see the instances added in the tailscale dashboard)
  • Create another instance and run the same tailscale command. What I see here is, the previous ec2 instance gets unregistered in a way, and is no longer visible in the Tailscale dashboard, nor can it connect to other devices on Tailscale. The new provisioned instance can be seen on the Tailscale dashboard

If I add a new instance and repeat the process, or try and run tailscale up on the previously “unregistered/removed” instance, that instance is added to the Tailscale network, but whatever instance was there before is removed.

I am running MacOS 13.x, and the latest versions of the tailscale binaries for this. I ran a similar workflow with Linux instances on AWS EC2, and didn’t see any such behavior there.

Does anyone have any thoughts or comments?