How to build a Debian package

I have a Debian stretch system on an armel processor. I’ve successfully cross-built the binaries following but I’d really like to now build a package for this system.

Are there instructions for how to build packages?

We have a very bespoke program internally that runs and auto-generates debs and rpms and such automatically as part of its serving. That program isn’t really designed to be used standalone, though.

You’d probably be best off using the normal Debian packaging tools (e.g.

@sread, any chance you’ve done this? I currently have tailscale running on an extra armel device via entware… but I’d rather run it on the same armel device that is my PiHole server.

In case it is useful, the *.deb files linked to from the install guides are multiarchitecture. They supply ARM and x86 binaries.

Thank you @DGentry, but you seemed to say here < ARM5 support? · Issue #676 · tailscale/tailscale · GitHub > at the end of the thread that ARMv5 ( specifically armel, in my case) would not have builds made available for the tailscale packages. I’m guessing that by packages, you mean “deb” and “rpm” packages?

In any case, I did try the ‘arm’ tarball < > that is listed on < >, and as well as the unstable branch version 1.19.x.

They seem to be ELF 32-bit LSB executable, ARM, EABI5 version 1, and indeed run on my armel box [Pogoplug] (though I haven’t tested functionality yet).

Any chance you could nudge the build server so that these are labeled armel or ARMv5 or something more definitive than ‘arm’?

Thank you in advance, regards.

BTW, there is an active community of users/hackers/adherents that use these older ARMv5/armel boxes, mostly as lower power servers/NAS/custom devices. I don’t know about ‘rpm’ packages, but ‘deb’ issues of tailscale would be readily used and greatly appreciated.


I have a Debian Buster OS running on an armel CPU and am also looking for a tailscale package

Have you managed to get it installed?


Did you manage to get a working copy for armel ?