How to access tailscale service behind reverse proxy via domain

Hello there,
following this guide, I managed to reach pihole via tailscale.
Using this docker-compose.yaml file, I managed to access the docker app via VPN with the IP and locally via

I created a subnetwork called apps ( according to the guide :slight_smile:

Information about the current setup:

  • Device: rspi 4, arm64v6, running 64-Bit Os.
  • multiple services are running on docker.
  • nginx reverse proxy is running on docker and have the following networks: nginx_frontend ( nginx_backend (
  • tailscale is NOT dockerized as in the guide.

In order to access my service via domain i managed to set up nginx as shown in this picture.

I then added nginx container to the apps network and I added the pihole to the nginx networks.

how to access the service via the domain form the VPN? What Subnet do I have to add to the nginx access list?