How do I hide devices on my tailnet?

Hi guys

I am setting up tailscale on some PCs I own which I will be giving to my clients. I’ll be using this to remote into the PC periodically to help each client.

Unfortunately I noticed that each device shows the list of all devices on the tailnet. I am wondering if it is possible to hide this info for privacy reasons?


If you use tags, I think it will only show devices that have the same tag. So each client could have devices that are tagged with the client name (or whatever), then they would only be able to see devices that are common to them.

This would require the use of the ACL file to allow communication between the devices.

Alternatively, you could have each client on their own Tailnet, and share devices with you.

Thanks! can you give an example of what might go in the ACL file?

You can look at the docs for further info on ACL’s, but here is an example for a specific Tag:

// all tech services can access there own devices
			"action": "accept",
			"src":    ["tag:tech-svcs"],
			"dst":  ["tag:tech-svcs"],

With that, anything tagged as “tech-svcs” can see other devices that have the same tag. Also, keep in mind that devices can have multiple tags. I would encourage you to read up on tags and ACLs just to make sure that it will do what you want without disabling things that you also want.

So basically each device just needs its own unique tag name. Got it thanks