Getting tailscale to use the dns server in a subnetted network

I have setup a subnet so I can access all devices on my home network from a remote tailscale machine. This works fine.

Now I’m trying to work out how I can use the private DNS server on my home network from a remote tailscale machine.
Home network
DNS server
Remote tailscale machines can ping any device on the home network but I’d like to be able to refer to them by their domain names rather than just their IPs.
IE, I’d like to use this
ping nas1
rather than this

Is that possible?

yes. look into the MagicDNS setting from your Tailscale Web Portal (click on DNS). It does exactly what you are asking. Just keep in mind it will resolve to the Tailscale IP Address (100.x.x.x), not the internal. In most cases, this shouldn’t be a big deal. But that does mean that (in your example) ‘nas1’ will have to have Tailscale installed.

If that isn’t what you want, then you will need to do split DNS, and have your own DNS server that will resolve your DNS names. This is how I have my office set up. So when I use say it will resolve to the internal IP address of

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, MagicDNS works fine for the machines that I can install tailscale on but not the ones I can’t.
I already have a DNS server running on my network at, so I will look at using split DNS.


I have MagicDNS enabled, then split DNS with our local DNS ( and, as well as the required public DNS ( and iirc) configured. This works well for us and I can resolve local host names to local (non-tailscale) addresses.