[Feature Request] Tailscale on Android TV (Shield)

I am requesting a push for Tailscale install on Android TV (specifically, the Nvidia Shield). This would make it much easier to take the shield on trips, and maintain access to home based media servers. Thank you.


I second this feature request.


Hello. Yes android tv support would be very useful please.

The current version (1.18) shows a white screen on nvidia shield with no ability to interact, making it unusable.

Shield tv support would be fabulous, I also get a blank white screen on mine, running 1.18.2. Thanks :slight_smile:

+1 here too, would be great if we could get this working on the shield. I’m pretty sure a lot more users would be interested in tailscale working on the shield

+1 would be absolutely perfect for the shield tv! tailscale is amazing

The 1.23.152 build currently in the Open Testing track adds Android TV support, and it is expected to be in the 1.24 general release. To get early access you’ll need to join the open testing track via https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.tailscale.ipn

For me at least, even being part of the Open Testing track still didn’t show the app as available when searching for “tailscale” on my Google TV device. However in the Play Store app on my phone after installing 1.23.152, it said the app was available for some of my other devices and showed the Google TV in that list. It included an Install button, and a few minutes later the Google TV installed the app.

There is still time to address issues before the official 1.24 release. Please file issues at https://github.com/tailscale/tailscale/issues