Error installing Tailscale Linux Raspberry Pi on PiAware Image

Dear Support,

I seems to be having problem installing Tailscale Linux Raspberry Pi version into PiAware image!

Here is the command executed…
root@E201712-550:~# sudo tailscale up --reset --accept-routes && sudo systemctl restart tailscaled && sleep 2 && sudo tailscale ip -4 && sleep 10 && sudo systemctl status tailscaled

*** Error… “failed to connect to local tailscaled (which appears to be running). Got error: Failed to connect to local Tailscale daemon for /localapi/v0/status; not running? Error: dial unix /var/run/tailscale/tailscaled.sock: connect: no such file or directory”

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Rodney Yeo

That series of commands is:

  1. sudo tailscale up --reset --accept-routes
  2. sudo systemctl restart tailscaled
  3. sleep 2
  4. sudo tailscale ip -4
  5. sleep 10
  6. sudo systemctl status tailscaled

What is step #2, restarting tailscaled, intended to accomplish?
I suspect you see the failed to connect to local tailscaled (which appears to be running) message because tailscaled was still starting up again when it ran sudo tailscale ip -4

Yes… you are right… It now works using this series of command in a line on a remote headless IoT device… Thanks :wink: