Does tailscale support websocket?

I need to use tailscale to access my websocket home server. it is working fine with http but it is not handling websocket data. Am I missing some configuration or tailscale cannot handle ws. I am controlling a Rpi using ws. In my LAN I can do everything, sending to and receiving from the Pi but cannot when I am connected to tailscale network. I can only view the html page without the possibility of sending or receiving msg from the server

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Should handle pretty much any port or protocol in theory. Websocket is just streaming over HTTP/S so shouldn’t be a problem.

One possibility is that you’re split between http and https and only one is permitted in the ACL. Also, on tailscale you’ll be on a different IP address and/or probably different domain name so if you’re using a self signed certificate over HTTPS, you may need to bypass the SSL security warning again in your browser.

Hit F12 on your browser and see what traffic is flowing (or failing) on the network tab - that will at least tell you more about where the problem lies.