Bad GPG signature found

So I have this issue on my Fedora install where I install Tailscale and then later (maybe weeks later) when attempting to update my system packages I get the following error and am not able to complete a system update:

Bad GPG signature found:

/var/cache/PackageKit/36/metadata/tailscale-stable-36-x86_64/packages/tailscale_1.30.2_x86_64.rpm could not be verified. /var/cache/PackageKit/36/metadata/tailscale-stable-36-x86_64/packages/tailscale_1.30.2_x86_64.rpm: digest: SIGNATURE: NOT OK

The usual fix is to uninstall Tailscale, complete the system updates and then re-install Tailscale.
Is there a way to avoid having to uninstall and re-install?