Bad GPG signature found

So I have this issue on my Fedora install where I install Tailscale and then later (maybe weeks later) when attempting to update my system packages I get the following error and am not able to complete a system update:

Bad GPG signature found:

/var/cache/PackageKit/36/metadata/tailscale-stable-36-x86_64/packages/tailscale_1.30.2_x86_64.rpm could not be verified. /var/cache/PackageKit/36/metadata/tailscale-stable-36-x86_64/packages/tailscale_1.30.2_x86_64.rpm: digest: SIGNATURE: NOT OK

The usual fix is to uninstall Tailscale, complete the system updates and then re-install Tailscale.
Is there a way to avoid having to uninstall and re-install?


Should I post this in the Issues on the Github site?

I’m still having this issue on multiple Fedora machines.

Just for awareness if anyone stumbles upon this issue…
The problem seems to stem from KDE’s Discover interface for upgrading. If you run a simple dnf update from CLI there are no errors and everything upgrades just fine.

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