Windows 11 "LUID 0 not found"

Windows 11 Home
Tailscale 1.38.1

The user has logged into Tailnet and ‘tailscale status’ shows a list of our nodes as expected, however he can’t get a ping response or load web pages from any of them.

# Health check:
#     - ReceiveDERP is not running
#     - ReceiveIPv4 is not running
#     - ReceiveIPv6 is not running
#     - router: getting interface: interfaceFromLUID: interface with LUID 0 not found

I haven’t found any useful information about these errors. He is able to connect to the Tailnet just fine from another machine on the same network with Tailscale 1.18.2. We have other users running Tailscale 1.38.1 on Windows with no complaint, but not at his location, and I don’t know if any of them are using Windows 11.

What is going on with this one?

edit: he is able to get name resolution for our internal search domains.