Win10 no service

VERY new to tailscale. I have Tailscale 1.26.0 installed on 2-win10 home computers and on a raspberry pi 4 running ubuntu 22. I see no services on the windows machines. but I can ping from win to win. If I have to ad services how do I do it?

Hi @bobalu ! Authenticating your Windows devices using the same Tailscale account should be all you need to do to get Tailscale working.

Can you share the Tailscale IP addresses (100.x.x.x) of the two Windows machines?

Additionally, are you pinging the Tailscale IP address or the local LAN IP? What services are you expecting to see?

I think the windows accounts are authenticating they are showing up in the account admin page. the tailscale ips are and for the window machines. What I wanted to do is run nextcloud on the pi though tailscale. I have nextcloud in docker on the pi. But not seeing that either. But i am seeing protainer at