Where is the file saved in Linux?

I’m using Linux Mint. Send a zip file from my mobile via VPN to my PC. But where is the file saved in Linux? Is there a command in Tailscale that shows “recent uploads”?


I am not running a current Linux box, but my assumption would be ~/Downloads, or possibly just ~/.

I know on my Android box it was in the Downloads folder.

I assume you are referring to using the Taildrop feature.

Unfortunately I’m using Via Terminal for Linux. The file is not in the Download folder as it is on Android by default. I would need someone who has been a Linux user for a long time then.

this is old (2021), but it might help. I didn’t read all the way through it though.

Linux taildrop: automatically receive files to Downloads folder · Issue #2312 · tailscale/tailscale · GitHub

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