Where do I see host ACL tags?

I have registered a host with an ACL tag, but that tag does not show in the admin panel for that machine? Is there a way to confirm that the tag is created / advertised successfully?

Somewhat related, I have 2 hosts connected that have the same hostname so from the main admin page it is difficult to tell them apart. I was hoping if I tagged them that the tags would allow me to visually separate what host is what, in addition to the ACL

Sorry, the admin panel currently doesn’t show ACL tags due to an
oversight during the beta test. It will be improved soon. In the
meantime, it’s hard to tell whether your ACL tags have taken effect.

Hostnames are also in flux due to the magicdns beta. We’re going to
improve that too to make the two types of names (locally registered
hostname, and team-visible DNS name) hopefully less confusing. Both
names are important: it would also be misleading if a laptop named
ABCD doesn’t show up as ABCD somewhere, regardless of whether there’s
also another laptop named ABCD, even though only one of them is
allowed to have that DNS name.