Ways to minimize idle traffic

Tailscale version 1.24.0
Your operating system & version Ubuntu 20

I just switched from zerotier to tailscale because of the idle traffic use over LTE that zerotier was using.

I would like to reduce that use even more. Are there some things that I can do to minimize the idle traffic? Something like changing timing of keepalive timers, etc. ?


We tune our mobile apps to reduce idle traffic and even the non-mobile apps should be mostly idle when there isn’t any activity but unfortunately there currently aren’t any knobs exposed for tuning; this is something we’d like to improve upon over time.

There’s a couple of github issues you can subscribe to to see work being done in this area:

Thanks Jay,

I was not specifically looking at mobile. We have some edge Ubuntu devices that are LTE.

I will take a look at your references.