Was a recent v1.12.2 released and then pulled?

Tailscale version: v1.12.1 and maybe v1.12.2
Your operating system & version: Windows 10

Yesterday I updated several of my systems to v1.12.2 … now, this morning, Tailscale is telling me that v1.12.1 is the latest stable version.

Was a v1.12.2 released too early ? or something ? Or has the “latest stable version” on the Tailscale web page simply not been updated yet ?

Hoping my Tailscale network wasn’t hacked.

There indeed has been a tailscale 1.12.2 release 16 hours ago.

But unlike the previous releases, it does not have any notes attached with it yet.
It is more likely that it was published to users for a short amount of time by an automated system, before being manually unpublished again (for whatsoever reason) than your tailscale network being hacked :smile:

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v1.12.2 ran into a problem on ARM/Linux systems like Raspberry Pi, and was withdrawn last night. v1.12.1 is the current release now. We expect to release a 1.12.3 in the next few days.

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Ok !! Thanks !! Much better now.

I was mentally boring a hole in the back of my head :slight_smile: All better.

I downloaded a number of different releases of v1.12 that didn’t seem to update the Tailscale management UI’s version, even though the installed software reported v1.12. I can provide more specifics if it’s helpful.