Ver.Rel in Android Hambuger menu

i realise this is a rather persnickety request, and comfortable to be ignored if no one else thinks it’s relevant

would it be ok to have the currently installed ver.rel… displayed on the Android app’s hamburger menu?

my personal pref is as the last item (yeah i get it), not as another step under About which is mostly saturated with advertising in today’s apps

the reason i ask is that i do a lot of manually checking of “are all the devices on the same, hopefully current, version?”

the little golang app i started playing with that tries to check on this after pinging the devices and WoL’ing them if their NIC’s support it, has been left woefully alone for too many months now

I think that’s a reasonable request. I’d encourage you to file a feature request at GitHub - tailscale/tailscale: The easiest, most secure way to use WireGuard and 2FA.

If you’re looking over multiple devices for version, it also shows up in your machines panel here: Tailscale

You can use the filter bar as well if you have a large number: a filter such as version:1.16.2 will work.

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thanks Jay, will do the formal request, ta for the link

was hoping for a bit of feedback before going there, my manual processes tend to get progressively more outré before i throw my hands up in the air and do the “wtf sōf? write some code to do that” thing