Using Tailscale and Dalsa CamExpert to connect to remote cameras

I have a Dalsa Camera configured and connected my tail scale network. I would like to be able to use CamExpert, their configuration software, to discover and connect to the camera like you can when on the same physical network but when I try no camera is detected.

The CamExpert network configuration tool sees the Tailscale network (as well as eithernet, wifi, …) and I am able to ping the camera. Is there a way to configure Tailscale so that devices are discover-able in this setting?

Thank you

Discovery protocols often use multicast, which isn’t going to be supported over the VPN.

Possible workaround - if you can install the software on a local computer, then use your Tailscale connection to remote in to that computer, you should be able to discover normally.

Otherwise, I expect you’ll need to set them up manually.