Using a normal domain name with Tailscale


I’ve had Tailscale installed for a few months and worked out some ACL rules and all that. The one thing I can’t figure out as there is no mention of it in your documentation that I can see, is how to use Taillscale with a normal domain name. I can see how to use it with MagicDNS and make “fun DNS” names, but I want to use it with a normal domain name. because I use normal domain names. Is this possible? There is no mention of how to configure Tailscale to use with normal domain names if you have a whole bunch of servers with a-records like which a lot of people do. That’s my setup, I have 7 or 8 machines and I want to lock them down and they all have two or three domain names pointing at them and I can’t figure out where in Tailscale there is provision for traditional ICANN domain names. I’ve been trying to work it out for months but I just get confused so if someone can help, would be great. Thanks.

You will need to set that up on your own. You could use any DNS service and either do some scripting of adding records dynamically or just add static records. Tailscale IPs don’t change for nodes, so unless you’re adding and removing nodes frequently, static records should be easy enough.