Users don't show up on login

Tailscale User: Good Morning,
We noticed that when a user logs into tailscale, their user doesn’t appear until they install TS on a machine. Is there a way to do this? We’d like to assign Users to be Admins.

Tailscale support: Thanks for writing in. We currently hide users without any active Tailscale devices to accurately reflect who can access your Tailscale. Of course, this has downsides, like the annoyance you’re running into.

As a temporary fix, I’ll make a change to always show users who joined in the past week, even if they don’t have Tailscale installed. This should make it easier for you to manage their admin status before they’ve installed Tailscale. And once they’re designated as admins, they’ll stick around on the user page. Longer-term, we’ll be implementing a more robust user management system that shouldn’t have these issues.

One question for you: is there a reason you don’t want these users to install Tailscale right away? Most companies get their team using Tailscale before configuring user permissions.

Tailscale User: We were planning on using features like subnet relays and other features for connecting certain parts of our infrastructure dynamically. Sometimes our admins won’t install for awhile. The 2 scenarios are different and I think the approach you outlined would work :slight_smile:

Tailscale support: This fix should now be live. You should see any users you’ve invited in the last 7 days at, which hopefully makes the configuration process a little less cumbersome.