Ubuntu - Wake up from sleep doesn't reconnect

I am new, and started testing using a few Ubuntu VMs (running on MacOS Parallels). When VM wakes up from sleep, Admin Console immediately shows ‘connected’ but I cannot ping the node from elsewhere. If I restart the VM, it works correctly.

tailscale status shows:   ubuntu-linux-22-04-desktop bandu@       linux   -

tailscale netcheck shows:

	* UDP: true
	* IPv4: yes,
	* IPv6: no, but OS has support
	* MappingVariesByDestIP: false
	* HairPinning: false
	* PortMapping: 
	* CaptivePortal: false
	* Nearest DERP: Bangalore
	* DERP latency:
		- blr: 44.9ms  (Bangalore)
		- hkg: 56.6ms  (Hong Kong)
		- sin: 76.3ms  (Singapore)

When I ping another node from problem VM, it shows:

pong from bandumacbookpro16 ( via in 2ms

Could anyone teach me how to resume connection without having to restart the VM?

Thank you