Tunneling traffic

Hello I’ve been looking to find a method of tunneling traffic from my unraid gameserver to a vps so whenever someone connects to the vps external ip they connect to my unraid gameserver. Avoiding having the user install tailscale to join my server. Is this possible I know I saw this on a docs on zerotier it’s pretty much what I wanted do to but with tailscale.


The most equivalent functionality to what you describe is an exit node Exit Nodes (route all traffic) · Tailscale
However it won’t accept incoming connections by default to forward to your gameserver. You’d need to run something like stunnel on the exit node to accomplish this.

I’ll also mention node sharing Sharing your nodes with other users · Tailscale. It would require the users needing to install a tailscale client, but you could share with their tailnets not have them join yours.

I don’t quite understand how to setup tailnets how can I go about doing this?

You install the app on the first device, then the second. Those two devices will now be able to connect to each other, even through firewalls and NAT.

If you’re referring to the node sharing note earlier: I just mean they could install tailscale and use their own GMail accounts, not connect to your network, and you could share the gameserver node to them.

ok thanks for your help.