TLS with Kubernetes Operator


Is it possible to expose k8s service on https using Kubernetes Operator?
I was able to expose k8s service on custom domain using external-dns and annotations on Service object with LoadBalancerClass set to tailscale according to Kubernetes operator · Tailscale and now wanted to use my (AWS ACM) certificate on that domain but don’t see any option how to set up https. It seems Kubernetes Operator is bypassing ingress where usually TLS cert is.
What’s the recommended way of exposing k8s services on https in Tailscale?

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I created TLS for my domains managed by ExternalDNS with automated certificate management using cert-manager. However, this requires using nginx-ingress as ingress manager for your cluster.

It is important to note more information about your setup would be helpful on providing advice on how to set it up (for example, if you are using a managed EKS or not), but it shouldn’t change that much if you are using nginx-ingress to manage your cluster outwards networking.

Here’s the comment I did on the operator issue describing which resources I utilized and how I configured each of one of them, including their values.yaml files.

I also have some minor documentation on the step by step process of configuring new applications in my cluster.