Tally ERP unable to activate after tailscale installation

In india Tally ERP (tallysolutions.com) is one of the famous accounting software used in small & medium business, almost 80% business in india uses tally, we have found that after installing tailscale where tally is installed, tally unable to activate the license and if we uninstall tailscale it works.

Below are a few details:

  1. Tally uses TCP/UDP port 9999 for it’s license server module, every tally instance communicates with the license server on port 9999 even localhost, to verify it’s license validity.

Let me know if you need any further details to troubleshoot the issue, as we have tried tailscale on 5+ different clients locations where tally is installed, the issue remains the same. once tailscale is un-installed it works.

does anybody faced similar issus.

Weird. We don’t modify the routes for localhost.

What’s the Tailscale IP of a machine where this happened, and the approximate date/time? We’ll try and look to see if it’s obvious what happened.

If you can reproduce this, though, then I’m sure it’s easy for us to fix.

Same issue here. I tried installing Tally first and then installed Tailscale 1.14.3 but Tally is unable to connect to activation server. Same issue if I install Tailscale first and Tally second.

It seems like Tailscale is blocking Tally Gateway server. I am not technical person so I am unsure what exactly the problem is. If you want, I can give you anydesk remote access.

What would be most helpful is to send a bugreport shortly after you see the error that Tally couldn’t get a license. On Windows, hold shift while right-clicking on the Tailscale icon in the taskbar in order to get to the debug menu, then click on “Bug report…”

It will print a string to mail to support@tailscale.com to help locate where within the telemetry to look.


Debug report sent

One result of the investigation so far is that if the license server is running on the local machine, changing the Tally configuration via the UI or by editing Tally.ini to be “” instead of the hostname allows Tally to find the license server and work.

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Yup now Tally works. Thanks for the help.