Tailscale Windows Tray 'Not Responding'

Not sure whether this is a common problem, but sometimes the tailscale tray icon does not seem to be responding to right click (or even left click for that matter). It happens intermittently on different laptops I am using. I will need to restart the laptop to get it responding again. Have updated the client to the latest version - 1.38.3. With that said, it seems that tailscale is working fine but I cannot interact with the tailscale client.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just wanted to 2nd this… I’m also finding the try icon unresponsive on Windows 11 requiring reboot to get to work for a while before it stops responding to right-click again.

I am running Win 11 on a desktop and have not seen that issue. Not implying that you are wrong, just that it seems to not be a general issue.

I will try to replicate the issue again.
But it seems to be intermittent. But it just happens sometimes.

Hi, I was able to reproduce the issue.
Basically I normally use RDP to access my home laptop (Windows 11 pro) when I am at office.
At home, the tailscale tray is working fine. However after going to office and doing the RD to my home laptop, the tray will not respond to any clicks. Later when I go back home, I will check whether it is still not responding directly on the desktop.

This test is not exhaustive though.

Hi all,

Looks like the latest version is supposed to resolve this issue - v1.38.4

** When connected to a Windows 10 client using Windows RDP, the Tailscale taskbar right-click option for the remote client works as expected (#7698)*

Will test it out later and get back the results.


Testing this past few days and it seems that the problem is resolved in the latest version.
Nice, thank you to the developers.

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