Tailscale up does not work

Hello everyone!

We have an OS Linux based drone that we need to connect to a control laptop using Tailscale.
The issue here is that we have installed and configured successfully the connection from the laptop to the Tailscale server. On the drone side, it was only possible to establish this connection right after the installation of tailscale. After this first time, when we run tailscale up this command does not output anything and keeps running indefinitely. The output from tailscale status is the following:

Do you know what could be interfering with the drone to make it unable to initiate the tailscale connection? Thanks in advance for your help.

That error indicates that the device doesn’t have a working DNS server and also can’t reach the DERP relays (the client software includes the IP addresses of the DERP relays which can operate as a limited DNS server if needed). Does the drone have a working Internet connection? Is there anything special it needs (e.g. connecting via a proxy server)?