Tailscale unable to access local ips while running tailscale service

I am on tailscale latest 1.18.2 on windows 11. If tailscale service is running I am unable to access local ips as described in this post. https://www.elevenforum.com/t/unable-to-access-local-network-addresses.3600/#post-71051

Are these local ips connected to the same LAN? If not, you will need to use subnet routing. Subnet routers and traffic relay nodes · Tailscale

If they are on the same LAN, could you run tailscale bugreport on a machine that is having this issue and email the response to support@tailscale.com

I have tried both methods. These ips were accessible until a few days ago both using Subnet routing from outside my home and on same LAN too.
How do I run tailscale bug report on windows 11?
found it

tailscale bugreport emailed.